Talking with food, Journey into life


Have you ever thought about talking with nature? talk with trees, talk with greens, talk with flowers? talk with food?

No matter what,  I did!

I did talk with nature, quite a lot.

I talk to trees whenever life issues or challenge comes into my mind. Then I consult with nature right away.

I would walk into forest, start to communicate with nature and trees surround ing me.

Nature response me immediate through thought and clear mind.

The happy thought I will usually get. The easy face and tender heart I will have. The light step foot I am holding when step out of the forest.

This is what I usual do in my life time.

Have you ever pray to your food as they are wonderful in life?
Have you ever pray to your food as they are wonderful in life?

Since 2012, I start to talk with my food. I start to talk to my food whenever they deliver to me or when I prepare them.

What I talk?

I pray and appreciate my food, food in plates and food before BECOMING FOOD.

I appreciate food nurture my physical body, my soul and my mind. They nurture what happen inside of me and what life brought before this present moment, and they create what my goal is in the future.

I appreciate what happened before this present, before I  have this meal and I appreciate the people who I met.

When I communicate with nature and all being, I communicate with the Universe.

I allow myself to be opened to everting in this Universe.

When I talk with food, I talk with every single cell feeding to my physical, I am talking to all the process in life.

To choose be on this journey is not difficult, when you are ready and willing to do it

You are on this journey.

The journey into LIFE.



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